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We have your best interest in mind. We offer in-depth assistance to help you make sound business decisions. Be assured that we keep you informed every step of the way. We specialize in commercial real estate – That’s all we do. Experience You Can Bank On… Just ask our clients.

  • North Bay Commercial Real Estate has done a consistently excellent job managing my properties for nearly ten years here in Santa Rosa. Their management team is professional and knowledgeable; having worked many years in this area, their network of contacts is superior. They have always responded the same day when I called or emailed with a question or needed advice. They treat each client as if they have all the time in the world to help in any way.

    I especially appreciated the CEO, Dale Dockins , for his unfailing support and expertise when I chose to file in small claims court. Dale walked me through the process, organized evidence, and acted as a witness during the hearing. To say that North Bay Commercial Real Estate goes the extra mile for its clients is an understatement!

    If I were to rate this firm, I would give it five stars; you will be in the hands of management professionals if you use North Bay Commercial Real Estate.

    -Susan Condon
  • I have been doing business with North Bay Commercial Real Estate since 1992. I’ve Had the opportunity to work with Dale Dockins on many projects. His professionalism and attention to has made our working relationship very successful. I would recommend North Bay Commercial Real Estate to anyone.
    -Mike Dorado
  • It's been a pleasure working with  Dale Dockins  at North Bay Commercial Real Estate. His enthusiasm to find the perfect fit, his ability to listen to the needs of each party involved, and his availability to his clients is very refreshing! I also  appreciate the fact, we have been kept informed on the activity, when showing our property.

    The staff, very pleasant and helpful, is right there to answer your questions or get you in touch with who ever your working with. Thus far, North Bay Commercial Real Estate has been a positive experience, which resulted in filling our office space.

    We will continue our working relationship with North Bay Commercial and HIGHLY recommend anyone considering to use them.

    -Beverly Brody
  • We have watched, and invested in, complicated real estate operations created by Dale. This has been through good times and bad. Always his high standards of never missing a month of full reporting on various investments have been impeccable.

    Above this, I have likened him and his character, to realtors of bygone days. These current days the profession of real estate has taken on a somewhat tarnished reputation.

    But for me, he reminds me of my antecedents who were high in the real estate profession of the day and whom I use as a yard stick in evaluating Dale Dockins.

    My grandfather, OW Cotton, was one of the primary founders of modern San Diego and the expositions of 1915  and 1935. He was president of the San Diego Realty board. His son, John Cotton was president of the San Diego county, California state and US national boards of realtors as well as being on the board of the International real estate

    In those days, real estate was a hallowed profession. Dale Dockins is a rare example of that, now somewhat rare, tradition I know so well from my youth. I will stand behind him as a rare man of solid integrity…a man of honor.

    -James E. Cotton
  • I have known Dale for over 15 years and have provided environmental services to Dale and his business associates on development projects in Santa Rosa, and to his clients on commercial properties he manages. Dale is a very knowledgeable and ethical real estate professional with substantial experience in commercial sales, property management and project development. I give high marks to Dale for his professional and communication skills and highly recommend him.
    -Marc Seeley